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1. What is Toastmasters?


   - Toastmasters is a public speaking club for people who want to improve their communication and leadership capabilities. You can find more information about Toastmasters clubs and Toastmasters International on the Toastmasters International website.

Toastmasters International


2. What is BBT-Bond Toastmasters Club?


   - BBT-Bond Toastmasters Club was established by graduates of the BBT and Bond University MBA programs. The purpose of the club is to deepen the relationships between alumni of the two programs and to provide a place to practice English communication and leadership skills.

We widely open enrolment. So, feel free to come an join us!



3. How can I learn more about Toastmasters?


   - Here are two links to more information about Toastmasters.


English version

Japanese version



4. How can I join a meeting as a guest?


   - Select the date on which you would like to join the meeting from the “Peatix” link below and apply with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS. One of our members will send you more information about the meeting. If you don’t hear from us within five days, please apply again.




5. What do you do at a Toastmasters meeting?

 Please click to see a sample meeting agenda.



6. What are the roles in a Toastmasters meeting?

Please click this link for more information about meeting roles.



7. How can I get an application and apply to join this club? 

After attending the three meetings as a guest,

you can Download the application form

Please fill it out completely and send it to us, when you have decided to join.



8. How can I apply for a role in the meeting?

First, you need to get an EasySpeak ID.
Then you can select the role you would like to take in the meeting.


For more information about EasySpeak, please click on the links below.



easy-speak user's manual (How to sign-up only)


YouTube/easy-speak training session


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